Describe a journey [by car, plane, boat] that you remember well | Cambridge IELTS 9 Speaking Test 3 | Questions & Answers

IELTS Speaking Test Part 2 Cue Card Topic Question

Describe a journey [e.g. by car, plane, boat] that you remember well.

You should say:
  • where you went
  • how you travelled
  • why you went on the journey
and explain why you remember this journey well.

Cambridge IELTS 9 Speaking Test 3 | Describe a journey you remember well

I'd like to tell you about a trip I took with three friends of mine about a year ago. We were in Mexico and we decided to hire a car and travel around the country for four weeks. We did some planning before we set off, but not that much, we wanted it to be like an adventure. We chose one of the major areas in the North, East, West and South of the country to visit and planned to visit some other intersting places while traveliing between those four major areas.

We all took turns driving and it was truly a great trip, one that I'm sure we'll all remember for a long time. Like I said, we didn't really have a plan but we wanted to see as much of the country as we could in the time we had free.... so we just used to drive for a couple of hours and then stop in a village or town and take a walk around and see some of the sights, have something to eat and drink and relax a little. Then we'd continue on to the next place we had marked on our map.

In the evenings we would find a hotel and settle in for the night, go for something to eat, maybe go to a bar or restaurant and have a look around the place. We met some very interesting people and also had some good times... we spent one evening dancing with mariachi bands and I can remember we met a group of foreign students on another evening in a restaurant, they were from Europe, and we spent a lot of time talking with them.

There are various reasons I will never forget that particular trip. One of them is the sheer size of the country... it's massive, and each area is different, there's a lot of diversity in terms of the climate, the enviornment and people and so on. Then there were specific moments that are unforgettable like driving across the desert which lasted for hours and hours... it was truly immense and we only saw one other vehicle while we were driving... and spending Christmas in Cancun was great fun, on the beach having a great time together. Really, so many happy memories we all have from the time we spent traveling and exploring. The whole experience was just amazing!

How would you answer this IELTS speaking cue card about describe a journey by car, plane or boat that you remember well?

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