IELTS Speaking Test USA Questions and Answers Part 2

Describe a class (or course) you studied.

You should say:
  • what the subject (or course) was
  • where you studied it
  • how long the class / course was
  • what the contents of the course /class were
and explain how you have benefited from that class (or course)

IELTS USA speaking test Part 2 questions and answers

I’ll tell you about my English education, well, really several English courses. I first started studying English when I was a girl… I was maybe 10 or 11 years old and my parents used to send me to an English class on Saturday mornings at one of the local language schools here. There were about 12 children in the group and we used to do different activities in English, play games, listen to songs and watch videos and things like that.

Then I studied English at university and it was quite different, much more formal and less fun, but it was still interesting. But the best English course I did was last summer when I went to an English summer school in New York. It was brilliant! There were students from all over the world and the classes were fun and interesting, almost like the ones I did when I was a girl… we did everything in English, everyday activities and practiced new grammar and vocabulary, but in a really authentic way… not like just learning from a book and memorizing rules.

The course was for three months and it was a residential course, so we all lived together in a local college, which gave us even more opportunity to practice our English. The local neighborhood was very nice and we used to go to eat ice cream, have a beer or maybe watch a movie in the evenings in a group. I made some good friends while I was there and we keep in touch, even now.

It was an advanced English course I took, with an emphasis on academic writing. Most of the students there were similar to me… university students and doing some kind of academic research. The course was a mix of normal English and then specific classes which focused on techniques, language and structure of writing in an academic style. Those classes were more challenging and it took a lot of practice sometimes to learn how to use some of the language correctly.

I chose that particular course because I knew I wanted to present my thesis in English and eventually come to the USA to continue my research. Now, I’m glad I made the decision as one of the major benefits was learning how to write well in English and I think it has helped me in my application for the position I have now as a research assistant at the university.

Follow-up question:

Do other people ever ask you for advice or help about that subject?

Yes, all the time… they think my English is very good so a lot of my friends back home ask me for help, especially when they want to translate something technical or academic from English to Spanish… or the other way round… I don’t mind… it’s nice to help them and it’s good practice for me.

Part 3 of IELTS interview

How would you answer this IELTS speaking test question about a class or course you studied?

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