Challenges and Difficulties | IELTS speaking questions & sample answers

IELTS questions about challenges and difficulties

[-]Do you like facing difficult (or, challenging) tasks?[sample answer]

    I think it depends on the particular task. I like challenges when it's something that I'm interested in, for example, starting a new project or creating something, but there are some things which are difficult or challenging which you sometimes you have to do but they're maybe not that intersting.

    It might be something I may not really want to do, but it's necessary. Those types of tasks can be challenging and difficult in many ways, as well as boring and take up a lot of time and if it's something I don't really like then I probably won't feel that satisfied when it's finished even though it might have been difficult to do.

[-]What challenges do young people face today?[sample answer]

    Quite probably, in everyday life, it's the same challenges that young people have always faced. Finding your identity as an individual, being popular or not, the relationship with parents sometimes, academic challenges and I suppose trying to make the right decisions about eveything you are involved in.

    I guess there are some challenges that young people today face that their parents never had to deal with. There's a lot more technology and the world is more open than before. Life is more intense than before and there can be a lot of pressure to distinguish yourself, the celebrity culture has taken over and many young people want to 'be somebody'.

    This can lead to challenges, both good ones and bad ones.

[-]How do (young people) handle difficult or challenging tasks?[sample answer]

    Most of us will make decisions based on a mixture of what our parents have told us, what our friends think and what we feel as individuals is the right thing to do. Obviously it depends a lot on the task.

    Personally, I Google a lot, I mean if I have a difficult decison to make, or something I need to do and I'm not sure how to do it or what the best thing to do is, then I'll normally spend some time looking online for similar situations and look for some ideas of what to do. It helps me sometimes, but not all the time, because it gives me a different perspective apart from the ones I already mentioned.

[-]Which do you think is better, to face these difficulties and challenges alone or to seek the help of others?[sample answer]

    It's probably true that in most challenging or difficult situations it's normal to ask advice from someone whether it's family, friends or even other people online in chat. There is the old saying, 'two heads are better than one', and even though you may have to do something difficult or challenging by yourself, talking to other people before you have to do it can make you feel more sure, confident and prepared.

    Sometimes we don't like to involve other people too much, but at other times it can help ... it really depends on the type of problem or difficult situation you are facing.

[-]Do you think there's much difference between the challenges that (young) people face today and those that (young) people faced in the past?[sample answer]

    Overall, no I don't think there's much difference. Nowadays, young peope face some situations that our parents never had to deal with, such as cyberbullying or online privacy, but there are other things that our parents had to deal with which are not such a problem for us, such as various social stigmas like divorce, women working or not having children, young people being more career orientated and less worried about starting a family.

    These are just generational changes, but young people still make decisions about their own situation either good ones or bad ones just like our parents did in their time. It's still about trying to do the right thing ot the best thing based on a certain situation.

[-]Do you think there's much difference between the challenges that (young) people face today in your country and those that (young) people face in other countries?[sample answer]

    Yes, in my country for example our culture is still very traditional compared to some other countries like the US or countries in Europe where they are more progressive.

    It's possible that in a culture which has few or no social boundaries or limits for young people they have to make some decisions which I would never have to deal with. For example, leaving the family home to live by yourself or with other people in an apartment. I know that I will probably never do that. I will stay with my parents until I decide to get married. It's normal here, so I will probably never have to worry about many things associated with taking such a decision or actually living on my own.

    Of course, there are lots of similar challenges we all face no matter which country we live in. Althoug young people in different countries have their differences - we are also very similar in many ways.

[-]Do people in different age groups face the same (or similar) difficulties and challenges?[sample answer]

    They probably face different challenges, I mean teenagers have their own 'teenage' problems, while when you're in your twenties you tend to be more concentrated on developing your career, then if you get married and start a family you have a completely new set of challenges to deal with.

    And as for older people, they have their own set of problems to deal with also. There may be some common situations which are difficult and affect all age groups, for example, divorce can affect three generations of a family or the death of a family member can mean that everyone faces challenges.

    But there are specific situations which are definately more associated with one age group than another, and it's not just for young people.

[-]Do different types of people face the same (or similar) difficulties and challenges?[sample answer]

    Maybe they don't face different challenges or difficulties, but they might deal with them in a different way and depending on the individual person it might make it easier or more difficult.

    As an example, a young perosn who is trying to decide which career to study for before attending university: for some people it's easy and for others it's a difficult decision. Some peope are very focused and sure of what they want while others need help to make up their minds.

    Thinking about it I guess that people who are very outgoing and extrovert might face different challenges to people who aren't. They might do all kinds of activities, maybe some extreme sports and things like that which are challenging, but there are some people who never try or do such activities so they never have to face the challenges involved.

[-]Why is there intense competition in some situations?[sample answer]

    It's probably because there is a sense that life in general is more competitive nowadays. Technology has given a lot of the same opportunities to people all over the world and it's made many things such as communication easier, but it's also meant that there is more competition than in the past.

    A lot of yong poeple feel great pressure to be successful because they see so many examples of it now, in movies, on the internet, especially celebrity culture which is so popular now, and it gives young people all kinds of ideas that maybe they would never have thought about in the past.

    All these things make people want to stand out and be better than their peers or more successful or have more money, whatever is most important for them.

[-]Do you think being challenged is good for a person?[sample answer]

    Personally, yes it's a good thing. It's how we grow as individuals and learn just what we are capable of. If everything in life was easy we would never become smarter or stronger emotionally and mentally.

    Dealing with challenges and difficult situations helps build your character and independence and can also give you a lot of satisfaction in many cases.

    Not all challenges or difficult thing are good for you, but unless we have challenges we don't really move forward, we just stay the same... and that's a bit boring, isn't it?

[-]Do you think people need to be challenged?[sample answer]

    It might not be necessary, I'm sure a lot of people would be very happy just going about their lives without ever having to face a challenge or deal with a difficult situation. It sounds ideal. We would certainly be more relaxed and less stressed.

    But challenges are a way of life for humans. Our progress is based on meeting challenges and finding solutions. We wouldn't have the world we live in today if people in the past had never faced a challenge or solved a difficult problem.

    It might not be a necessity but it seems to be something we do all the time because life is full of challenges.

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