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IELTS Speaking Test USA | Part 1

What is your full name?

My name is ...

Can I see your ID?

Yes, here's my passport

Where do you come from?

I'm from the Ukraine originally, but I've been in the US for the last 5 months, here in Arizona.

Are you a student or are you working?

At the moment I'm studying, but working part-time as well.

Where do you work?

I have a part-time position as a research assistant at the university of Arizona here in Tucson.

What are the main responsibilities of your job?

I work in the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory which is used to teach about how the planetary system was formed and evolved. I have to organize various research tasks and also academic material for participating students as well as assist one of the profesors in her research for the university.

Do you have any hobbies?

Yes, I like to keep fit. I like running and going to the gym or doing Pilates.

Do you like dancing?

No, not really. Maybe sometimes if I go to a club with some friends or at a party I'll dance a little, but not very often.

Is dancing a good hobby?

[Why?/Why not?]
I think it could be if you like doing it. There are many types of dance and it's supposed to make you feel good and relaxed afterwards, so it could be a good therapy for stress. It's certainly popular with a lot of people.

Do you prefer watching movies at home or at the cinema?

Can I say both... because sometimes it depends on the movie. Sometimes I like to go to the cinema with a friend to see the latest movie releases or if the movie is in 3D it's normally better to watch it at the movies. But there are times when I like to watch a movie when I'm at home just to relax for a while, so I guess I like both of the options.

Do you like watching movies alone or do you prefer to watch them with someone else?

As I said ... I like both, although I probably prefer to go out with my friends to see a movie at the weekend at the cinema maybe, but during the week I'll maybe watch a movie online by myself.

IELTS USA Speaking Test | Part 2

IELTS Speaking Test Part 2 Cue Card Topic Questions

Talk about a new law you would implement where you live to make it a better place.

You should say:
  • What law would it be?
  • Will it be easy to introduce such a new law?
  • Will it be popular?
and what the benefits of such a new law would be.

IELTS Speaking Answer | A new environmental law

I will talk about my own country because I'm not sure about the laws here in the US. But in the Ukraine we have seen several attempts to implement recycling programs, but unfortunately after the initial international funding has beed used up they always seem to go bankrupt. Most of them were curb-side recycling programs which meant that trucks had to go and collect recycling material from the various areas of the city and then transport it to a central recycling plant.

One of the problems with this is the amount of trucks required to make it efficient and also the fact that the trucks use diesel as fuel which produces even more environmental pollution. There was also a great emphasis placed on recycling paper, cardboard and plastic rather than more useful materials such as aluminum. This is in great demand for construction and production purposes from house building to constructing airplanes and cars not to mention cans for drinks.

Aluminum is one of the most useful materials to recycle and it is also a very efficient process. A large part of the cost of producing new aluminum is in the electricity used in the smelting process - recycling it cuts out much of that cost.

I would pass a law which requires more and more businesses to recycle their products and materials used in their production and manufacturing plants and possibly to be responsible for the recycling of their products at the end of their useful lifecycle. This woulod have a greater impact than concentrating on the usual domestic garbage side of recycling programs which are often more popular for social reasons.

It may not be easy to introduce such a law and any additional costs for companies may result in slightly higher prices to the end consumer but it would probably be more effective. The government could impose financial penalties or reward depending on how successful each company is in their recycling efforts.

I think it would be popular if people understood why it was being done ... and that would mean some promotion of the idea and concept and a clear explanation of the benefits for the future of the economy and planet as a whole. Simply recycling more aluminum would reduce the amount of electricity required to produce new aluminum and that would be an immediate saving, even with the costs of recycling it.

IELTS USA Speaking Test | Part 3

Are lawyers respected in your country?

[Why?/Why not?]
Yes, it's a good profession and they are resonably well paid if they work for a good comapny. I think they are respected because they have to study and prepare a lot, similar to doctors.

In your opinion is it fair that lawyers are paid very well?

Firstly, not all lawyers are paid very well. Like in most countries, lawyers who work in public service for the government don't earn very big salaries, well, not as much as a lawyer working for an international company or a tax lawyer for example. Is it fair? I think that if the labor market decides that a lawyer should earn a lot becasue of the type of work they do or because they have a lot of responsibility then that is ok. I mean it's like a soccer player or film star - why do they earn so much money - because the soccer club or the film company decide that they are worth it or maybe they have skills or knowledge that only a few people possess - which make them rare.

Do you think that being a policeman is a good career choice? What are some of the advantages or disadvantages of this profession?

It's a good choice if you want to develop a career in the long term. There is a lot of structure and opportunities within the police. You cal also learn skills that are transferrable to civilian jobs in the future. I have a cousin who is in the police and he loves it. He says the pay is good and the benefits and pension after many years of service are better than in many ordinary jobs.

Do you agree that all policemen should have guns?

I'm not sure. I think it depends on where they are and what their responsibilities are. For the police here it's normal, but there are some countries where they don't have all police officers armed. They have special armed squads for when it's necessary. But some countries have less armed attacks or violence than others so I think whether or not the police are armed is based on the local circumstances. I think they should be armed if it's likely they will need to deal with armed criminals or violent situations.

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