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Challenges for Developing Countries

  • There are a range of problems facing developing countries

  • Healthcare and education standards can be quite low in some developing countries

  • The life expectancy of a normal person in a developed country is normally less than that of a person in a developed country

  • Developing countries can lack infrastructure, employment and good accommodation/housing

  • Many people suffer from poverty in developing countries

  • Sometimes food, drinking water, medical supplies and other basic necessities are scarce (hard to find)

  • Help for Developing Countries

  • Development aid programs are the best way to help a country to develop

  • Investment in long-term development projects by richer nations can help other countries to develop

  • Charities and governments can help by providing / building new housing, schools and other essential infrastructure in developing countries

  • Multi-national companies often create job opportunities in developing countries which helps economic growth

  • Many people emigrate from developing countries to richer countries to find suitable work

  • These people often send money back to their own country which can help stimulate the local economy there

  • This can lead to improving the standard of living in developing countries

  • Immigration

  • Some people dream of a better life and immigration to a different country

  • Many immigrants to developed countries come from less well developed countries, in search of good job opportunities

  • Richer, and especially industrialized countries, offer a better chance of employment for many immigrants through immigration

  • Some developed countries offer free health services and education for immigrants

  • Some people use immigration to leave their own country to obtain better academic qualifications in another country

  • Positives / Good things / Advantages of Immigration

  • In economic terms, immigration can be very good for both countries

  • Many people who immigrate to a foreign country have skills that are required there

  • Immigrants who are working spend money and contribute to the economy of their new country

  • Immigrants working in a developed country often send money back to their home country to help their family, which also helps the economy develop

  • The process of immigration creates a diversity of culture within a country

  • People from different countries learn about each other and their traditions and customs

  • People from different nations and cultures can learn to be more tolerant and open-minded

  • Negatives / Bad Things / Disadvantages of Immigration

  • Some local people believe that new immigrants occupy jobs that could be done by local people

  • Some immigrants work longer hours than normal and could be exploited

  • Immigrant workers sometimes earn less than local workers

  • If immigration is not carefully controlled, unemployment can rise dramatically

  • General Opinions about Immigration

  • Immigration can be beneficial for the economy of both countries.
  • Immigration creates multi/cultural societies.

  • Immigration should be carefully monitored and controlled.

  • Immigrants should be controlled by issuing visas and work permits.

  • Immigrants who have no skills that are required should not be allowed to enter.

  • Governments need to protect immigrant workers from being exploited.

  • There should be no difference between working conditions and benefits for local and immigrant workers.

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