Talk about a team work project you were (have been) involved in

This IELTS speaking test includes questions about:
  • postcards
  • emails
  • health tips
  • keeping fit
  • a team work project
  • leadership skills

IELTS Speaking Test Part 1 Questions

What is your name?

My name is Raj Sharma

Are you working or studying?

I'm a student at the moment

What are you studying?

I'm studying to be an Aeronautical Engineer

Do you like to send postcards?

No, not really. I think I sent one once when I was studying for a year in the USA, but apart from that, I never send them.

When did you receive your first postcard?

I remember I received a postcard when I was a child, it was from an uncle of mine who lived abroad. he was living in France at the time and it had a picture of the Eiffel Tower on the front.

Would you send a postcard instead of an email?

No, I'd prefer to send an email or a photo with a short message. Postcards are very old fashioned and email is so much easier and quicker.

Do you have your own health tips? [What are they?]

Health tips? I think they're probably the same as anyone else - try to eat a healthy diet and do some kind of regular exercise. Don't eat too much of one particular kind of food and don't eat too much.

What tips do you follow to keep yourself fit?

As I just said, I try to have a healthy diet. I don't really like much junk food so that's probably a good thing. I also do some exercise every day, either walking or cycling. I'm not very sporty, but I do like to do seome exercise - it makes me feel good and I know that it's a healthy activity.

IELTS Speaking Test Part 2 Questions

Talk about a team work/project you have participated in

You should say:
  • What was the project about?
  • Did it help you on a personal level?
  • Whom did you participate on the project with?
and explain what you learned from the experience.

IELTS Speaking Topics 2017

Talk about a team work project | IELTS Sample Answer

Just last month we finished a project at the university, it was a research project which involved various entities both here in India and abroad and communication was one of the most challenging aspects of it.

I think there were about 15 people in total in the team. It was coordinated from France by an academic research foundation based there. We were investigating various aspects of environmentally friendly air transport; looking at ways to reduce noise and fuel consumption, and the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere.

The project dealt with researching possible methods of improving current engine technology and involved an indepth study of flight physics as applied to most commercial airliners nowadays, mainly based on lightweight structures and possible changes or improvements which could be made.

The long term aim of the project was to evaluate and then test some completely new types of aircraft structures and concepts.

I think it helped me develop on a professional level more than on a personal level, although I did get a lot of opportunity to interact with different people from various different countries and practice my English a lot. But professionally it was very challenging and very interesting for me. It is the first international research project I have been involved in so it was quite exciting as well.

As I said, there were people from France, Germany, the UK, the USA and some other countries. We used to have regular teleconferences to discuss the progress of the project and any problems we encountered, share research results and information, and discuss possible solutions and areas of further investigation. I was working closely with one of my senior professors here at the university who is very experienced in this field of engineering.

Overall, I think I learned a lot more about collaboration, as well as gaining some useful experience in negotiating and discussing in English.

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    IELTS Speaking Test Part 3 Questions

    Do you like teamwork? [Why? / Why not?]

    Yes, I do. I think it is more interesting when various people work together in a team. You can learn a lot more because different peope have different knowledge and also experience. Especially when the people come from different countries around the worls - it can ake it very interesting - because they think in a different way.

    How does teamwork help?

    Well, as I said, it can generate more creativity and sharing of ideas which may not happen otherwise. problems seem to get solved easier when they sre discussed in a team, possibly because there are various ways of approaching problem solving and sometimes having a different perspective, that of a nother person, is enough to see the problem in a different way, and eventually come up with a solution.

    Do you think children should develop skills for teamwork?

    Yes, I think this is why many parents spend alot of time telling their children that it is important to share thihgs with others. Working in a team requires some skills, which you have to learn, but they can be learned early in life as a child. So i think it's a good idea that children are taught to work in teams to solve problems. They should also be encouraged to develop their problem solving skills so that they can work on their own - but teamwork is important in adult life, so yes, they should be taught how to do it.

    Does having leadership skills qualify a person to be a team leader?

    Not just leadership skills - becasue working in a team is not really about a group of people following a leader - it is more about the individual team memners working together, equally, to solve problems or create whatever it is they are working on. team work requires a lot of different skills, and just because someone has good leadership skills does not mean that they will automatically work well in a team. if they try to dominate the rest of the team members, then there will likely be problems within the team and it will become ineffective.

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