IELTS Speaking Questions about Weather

IELTS Speaking | Weather & Climate

There are many possible questions you could be asked about the weather in the IETS Speaking test. In some countries the weather is an interesting topic and people discuss it every day, because the weather changes everyday.

In other countries, the weather may be very stable and hot and sunny all the time or cold all the time. If you come from a country where the climate or weather doesn't change much and the four seasons aren't really obvious, then you should at least understand how to talk about weather and the climate in case you are asked one of the weather related questions in the IELTS speaking test.

Weather Related questions | Part 1 of IELTS Speaking Test

  • What's the weather normally like where you live?
  • In what way is the weather different here to the weather in your home country?
  • What season do you like best?
  • What do you do in that season?
  • What sort of weather do you like the most?
  • What season do you think is most suitable for work and/or study?
  • Do you like sunny weather?
  • Has the weather in your country changed much in the past few years?

Weather Related Questions | Part 2 of IELTS Speaking Test

Describe an experience you had with bad weather.

You should say:
  • what sort of bad weather it was
  • when it happened
  • where you were when it happened
  • explain how it affected you and what you did.
Have you told anybody else about this experience, such as your classmates or riends?

Weather Realated Questions | Part 3 of IELTS Speaking Test

  • What are some other examples of bad weather in the world?
  • Do different parts of your country experience different types of bad weather?
  • Why do you think people call it "bad weather"?
  • Do you think bad weather can ever be dangerous?

The Effects of Weather

  • What effects does the weather have on people?
  • What do people in your country do when the weather is bad?
  • How do people deal with bad weather?
  • Do you think there is anything that we can do to prevent bad weather?
  • Is there anything we can do to prepare for bad weather?
  • How does bad weather affect people?
  • Does bad weather ever affect people's ability to travel?
  • Do you think the weather (or climate) can affect people's mood?
  • How does bad weather affect people's mood?
  • Do you think people become depressed or bored during bad weather?
  • Why do people live in places where the weather can sometimes be bad?
  • Do you think people's personalities are influenced by the type of weather (or climate) they usually experience?
  • Do you think people who live in cold places have different personalities to people who live in warm or hot places?

The Weather and Climate

  • Do you think there are any problems with the world's climate now?
  • How do you think these problems were caused?
  • Do you think the world's weather (or climate) is changing?
  • What do you think is causing these changes?
  • Do you think this is a problem?
  • What do you think governments should do to address this problem?
  • Do you think governments can do anything to solve this problem?
  • Would you like to live in a place where the the climate never changes?
  • How do people change the way they live in different seasons?
  • What different activities do people do in the different seasons?

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