IELTS Speaking Describe something produced in your country

IELTS Part 2 Speaking Question and Sample Answer

Here is an example of a Part 2 IELTS Speaking question asked in January. There is a sample answer and also some examples of possible related Part 3 questions with sample answers.
Describe something that is produced in your country (e.g., a food, a handicraft, or a car)
You should say:
  • what the product is
  • what it is used for
  • how it is made
and explain why your country produces this thing.

Describe something produced in your country | IELTS Sample Answer

I’m going to tell you about one of the most famous products made in my country. It is the Apple iPhone 5c. It is produced in a factory near Shanghai, I think the name of the place is Wuxi. It’s Apple’s newest phone and is available in many different colors which is very popular here in China.

The phone has all the usual Apple apps and camera and has a very fast processor. It’s good enough to play games and the graphics are great too. It also gives you 10 hours of browsing capability, talking time and video playback so you don’t have to worry about the battery discharging if you’re out all day. There’s a new iOS and it also has the most LTE wireless channels of any smartphone, so overall it’s a pretty neat gadget.

You can use it for all sorts of things: taking pictures, making videos and playing them back, sending emails, text messages, browsing on the internet, and obviously calling your friends and family too. It has all the usual features of a smartphone, but many people here like it better than some others.

It’s made in a factory by using many different components such as the case, the screen, the processor, battery and all the internal technology which makes it work. It’s produced in a plastic case but underneath there is a steel shell which makes it very strong.
The Apple iPhone 5c is produced here because it is cheaper than manufacturing it in the USA. I think the cost of labor and many other aspects of production are cheaper for Apple here than in other places. That’s why the factory here was chosen to produce this phone.

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