What are the drawbacks about using an APP? | IELTS Speaking Test Questions & Answers

IELTS Speaking Test Part 3 Questions

What are the drawbacks about using an app?

Drawbacks? Well, I can’t really think of any related to the apps I use regularly – they all seem to work fine and don’t cause any me problems. I mean there’s always room for improvement, right? But, that’s not really a problem, is it? Some people might say that other people spend too much time on apps, but then that’s not really an argument about apps – it’s more about using technology in general.

It’s like blaming TV programs because people watch too much TV, but the problem is how people use the TV, not the programs, it’s the same with apps; people use them for things they want to do – so how can you say they use them too much or in bad way.

Or blaming apps for all the ads that appear on your phone, or downloading a virus. It’s generally not the app to blame, ads are essential for businesses to generate revenue, and they appear wherever people are. As for getting a virus – well, that happened on PCs before, and if you have antivirus protection on your phone, then it shouldn’t be a problem – again you can’t blame an app if you have no virus protection – protecting all your internet-enabled devices is common sense nowadays.

Honestly, I think if someone says there are drawbacks to using apps, they just aren’t very tech-savvy or in tune with the way the world works nowadays.

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