Should children be allowed to choose toys by themselves?

Should children be allowed to choose their own toys?

IELTS Part 3 Questions - Toys

Sample Answer:

I don’t see why not, I mean it would depend on what age they are. Obviously a one-year old child had no idea of what things cost, so maybe not a great idea to just let the child choose anything in the store.

But when a child is older, I think with a bit of help, the child can choose the things they like, even their clothes, not just toys.

It’s important to develop decision-making skills, even at a young age. Children need to be able to compare and choose things when there are various options or possibilities available.

Another important thing is that children should enjoy playing with their toys, and what better way to find out what a child is interested in than to let the child choose their own toys.

It also teaches them to be responsible for their choices, good or bad.