IELTS 2018: Workplace Training, Travel to Work, Something Important You Purchased, Shopping Malls & Street Markets, Throwing Things Away, Increasing Consumerism

Here is a speaking test presented by a candidate in IELTS Singapore this week.


Are you working or studying?

I’m working at the moment, in a multinational accounting firm. I’m an assistant auditor.

What kind of training have you received in your workplace?

Initially, I spent about five months moving from one department to another, learning what each part of the company does. That was my initial induction training. Sine then, I’ve been permanently assigned to the auditing department and have received more in-depth and job-specific training regarding auditing processes and so on.

Do you think you will need any further workplace training in the future?

I’m sure that as I work on more projects and gain further experience I will need to do some more advanced technical training in auditing systems and related processes, but I think that will probably be in a couple of years from now.

How do you normally travel to work?

I usually walk or sometimes take the bus if the weather isn’t nice. My apartment is only about eight or ten blocks away from where I work, so it’s very convenient.

How long does it take you to get to where you work?

If I hop on the bus, only about 5 minutes, but if I walk it’s more like 20 minutes or so. I usually try to get to work early to avoid the rush hour, when traffic is slower and there are more pedestrians on the sidewalk.

How did you travel here today for the speaking test?

Today, I actually came with a friend, in her car. She’s also doing the IELTS test today, so we came together. Actually, we’ve been participating in the same IELTS course in Singapore over the last couple of months.


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