Ten years from now, do you think people will have easier or harder decisions to make?

IELTS Speaking Test Part 3 Discussion Questions

Ten years from now, do you think people will have easier or harder decisions to make?

Okay, so who can predict the future, right? But I guess that probably most people will face more or less the same types of decisions as they do today. The decisions won’t be any easier or harder – simply different.

For example, most of the hard decisions people make nowadays are difficult because they impact their lives, and in some cases can have serious consequences; either good or bad ones attached to them. But in the future it’s still going to be the case that people have to decide what they want to do in life, the kind of work they like, choose a career, find a job, fall in love, get married (or not), maybe start a family and then make lots of decisions regarding their children.

What might change is some of the options that people will be faced with; maybe options that don’t even exist at the moment. I mean, for example, just think if going to work on a different planet became possible in the next ten years – that would be a new decision that people would make – but it’s basically about where you work, similar to choosing to work in another city or country, as people do at the moment.

The way technology is becoming more and more integrated into daily life though its more probable that people will be faced with the decision of whether or not to allow microchip or nanotech devices to be implanted in their bodies – but again, it’s just a personal choice and we make those all the time now.

So, the options might possibly be different – not easier or harder - just different. I’m sure in the future there will still be people who are good at making decisions and those who agonize over every little choice they have to make.