What Are Some Examples in Everyday Life When People Have to Make Hard Choices?

IELTS Speaking Test Part 3 Discussion Questions

Give examples in everyday life when people have to make hard choices.

Mmm… well there are so many. For example, some people have to choose whether or not to work late and sacrifice time with their family, or maybe a person has to decide whether to lie or not to avoid hurting someone’s feelings.

Then there are parenting decisions – it may be tough to tell your teenage son or daughter that they can’t do something that they really want to do – and it may be the right decision for them, but they might not appreciate it at the time and it can cause a lot of friction and upset.

Basically, life is full of hard choices; whether to go to university or not, get married or not, take a new job opportunity or stay where you are, or move to another country. Maybe we don’t have to make tough decisions every day, but these types of decisions are taken every day by thousands of people all over the world, and for some it will be tougher than for others – depending exactly on what the options are for them regarding whatever they have to choose between.