IELTS Companies/Business Speaking Questions

IELTS Speaking Questions about starting/managing a company/business

Many people have a dream of starting or owning their own company or business. Some people have tried it and found it much harder than they expected. Some people have become extremely successful in their own businesses.

What makes running your own business such an attractive proposition for so many people? What about you? Would you like to run your own business or would you prefer to be an employee?

IELTS Speaking Tips

  • Practice asking and answering the questions in the video with a speaking partner so that you can develop good ideas and reasons, as well as possible examples, to enable you to fully answer all the questions and speak at length about the topic of companies/businesses.
  • Remember, the IELTS speaking Test is grade on four criteria:
    Coherence & Cohesion:
    You should organize your ideas and speak in a logical and organized way.
    Grammatical Range & Accuracy:
    A high IELTS speaking score requires a good range of simple and more complex grammar used accurately.
    Lexical Resource (vocabulary):
    You need a wide range of vocabulary to be able to speak well about various different topics. Less common vocabulary and topic-specific vocabulary both help increase your IELTS speaking score.
    Your pronunciation needs to be clear and as natural as possible. Listen to lots of BBC or CNN news programs and copy what they say to develop good pronunciation.
  • Don’t worry if you have an accent – everyone has! But what’s important is that the examiner can understand you clearly and easily.