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Are you working or studying?

At the moment, I’m working but I want to go and study in Australia next year.

Can you describe your job?

Yes, I’m a Software Engineer and currently I’m working for an international company which develops a suite of financial solutions for investment banks.

Do you prefer working in the morning, afternoon, or evening? Why?

Generally, I think I probably work better in the morning when I feel fresh. Although sometimes I do lot of work at home at night, sometimes quite late at night, I find it easier to focus, so those are the two times of day when I feel most productive or creative normally.


How often do you use a dictionary?

Not very often really, maybe once or twice a week.

Do you prefer using a paper or online one? Why?

I normally just consult one of the online dictionaries because I don’t have a paper dictionary. If I need to check a word or something I’ll access a dictionary on my phone or o laptop depending where I am.


Do you like traveling? Why? Why not?

Yes, I do I love traveling I think it’s great fun and interesting to see lots of different places.

You can always learn something new by traveling and you can also meet some very interesting people.

Have you flown before? Was it a short or long-haul flight?

A couple of times, yes. Both short and long flights. I’ve flown several times internally and also transatlantic as well.

Long haul flights can be boring though, unless you sleep a lot of the time. I don’t like being stuck in the pane for so long.

A couple of hours is okay but longer than that and I start to get a bit fidgety unless I go to sleep or watch a god movie or something else to take my mind of the trip.

Would you like to travel to space someday? Why? Why not?

I’d love to! I think it would be fantastic! I hope that it becomes possible for regular people to buy a ticket to space just like we buy an airline ticket nowadays.


Talk about how you like to spend time with an older person in your family.

You should say:

  • who he/she is
  • what you like to do together
  • how often you spend time with him/her
and explain why you like spending time with him/her.

Sample Answer

I can tell you about some special moments that I enjoy with my grandmother, things I have never done with my mother.

My grandma is the best! Without thinking twice I can assure that she was like my second mom and many times I could enjoy things with her that I could not with my mother. We both treasure these moments.

My mother did not have much time to sit and watch movies with me, but my grandmother was always available! Thanks to her I learned about the great classic movies of the cinema. If it had not been for her I would never have seen "Gone with the Wind", "The Godfather" and other older films.

While moms can be very good cooks, grandmothers prepare much more variety of things. Entering my grandmother's house used to transport me to a world of aromas and flavors that are still in my memory today. With my mother it was more difficult to do what I wanted in the kitchen, but my grandmother allowed me to prepare different things, and I loved it!

There are many things that my mother does not remember because she was very small, but my grandmother was an open book. She knew the whole story of our family. Thanks to her I was able to learn where we came from, who our ancestors were and how they got here.

Something else I love to do with my grandmother is to play board games. I remember we had endless games of dice or dominoes and she never tired. Obviously, me neither, and one of the things that I liked very much was when I went to her house to see her and she brought the cup with the dice or the cards, it was very fun!

I usually see her at least a couple of times a week and we always have fun together no matter what we end up doing.


Old people:

Should older people be treated better than they are currently? How?

It’s only right that older people who have lived and contributed to society are able to continue living a dignified life and not have to worry about money, health, etc.

Most societies nowadays provide for old people to make sure they have all the basic essentials of life. It would be nice to provide more, but obviously everything costs money and someone has to pay for it all.

It’s also easy to forget about older people. The pace of modern life is so frantic, and people are so busy that older people can’t keep up sometimes and some families have a problem because they don’t have enough time to spend with older members of the family.

Does the younger generation lack respect for older people? Why do you think that?

That might be true in some places. Older people are forgotten about once they leave the workforce, and some people might think they become less relevant in society when they are not actively contributing through work, etc.

Also. Young people todays have a completely different perspective on life, much more global and entitles, even narcissistic some might say, and older people are seen as just not being important.

Generations ago, older people in society were the source of a lot of information or knowledge and how young people learned about things, but now all you have to do is a quick internet search and you can discover anything you want – you don’t need your grandmother or grandfather to tell you about stuff.

Life has changed a lot and I think the role of older people will become less and less important in the future.

In what ways do older people depend on young people?

I can think of one example, my grandmother and her phone. She wasn’t sure how to use it or browse the internet on it when we first bought it for her.

It took some time for me to show her how to use it, some apps, charge it, and other stuff before she was confident about using it.

Older people rely on younger members of their family for things like helping them with technology or even just taking them to places if they are too old to drive or have mobility problems.

Of course, there are also older family members who are reliant financially on younger members of the family. They depend on them completely for everything they have.

Why do you think old people seek young people's company? Why? Why not?

Probably because young people generally do more interesting things, and older people like to hear about their adventures. There are lots of older people who don’t do much anymore because of health problems or whatever, and so hearing about what their grandchildren have been doing or how they are progressing in life can be exciting for them.

Also, being around young people can be invigorating, it can help older people feel more energized. And they can also learn about some aspects of contemporary life which they might not be aware of.

Spending time with family:

What do you do together as a family?

The usual sorts of things; we eat together, play games together sometimes ang celebrate special occasions.

There are a lot of different things we do depending on what is happening. Sometimes we have family discussions and make decisions as a family.

But the most common thing we do is spend time together. It might be just sitting and talking, eating a meal together or maybe going shopping or doing something around the house.

It’s not always an organized activity or an outing, or something like that. Just normal, regular family stuff that all families do.

Do the families of your friends spend time together in a similar way?

Yes, I guess they do. I’ve spent some time with the families of my friends and they do pretty much the same as we do. I think most families are the same.

There might be some variation in what exactly people do but I believe that most families will at some time or another do the same activities, because the family dynamic is the same.

Some families might spend more time together than others, but all families have their special celebrations, activities, and things they do together.

Do you think it is true that many families do not spend a lot of time together? Why is that?

That’s a more recent trend which has been emerging. It’s probably caused by changes in society, for example, more women in the workforce, more economic independence for older people, and greater pressure to do more all the time.

It’s like life in many aspects is much more competitive now that globalization is beginning to affect national economies more, so people feel a greater need to work, build up their wealth or at least enough financial resources to be secure in case something happens.

There is less job security nowadays, so many people tend to work longer hours or work more than one job to earn as much as possible as quickly as possible.

That means that children have less time with parents and in general families spend less time together.

It’s seems priorities have changed from a few generations ago, life is more stressful, and uncertain than in the past, and technology has made a huge impact on how people stay in contact with each other.

What is the difference between doing outdoor activities and indoor activities with your family? How do these activities affect the family?

First, it’s probably easier to arrange indoor activities, for example, sharing a meal together, watching a movie, or even just sharing time chatting together.

Doing outdoor activities like walking, or maybe going on a trip someplace, or even organizing a picnic, can be more difficult because it depends on the weather, the time of day, and if people are free at that time.

Which is better? Personally, I like doing things outdoors with my family, like walking or visiting an interesting place for the day. But it’s not always that easy. My grandparents get tired quite quickly nowadays, which makes it more difficult to include them in outdoor trips.

I think because we do outdoor things less often they seem more special when we do them, it’s like people make more of an effort; those days are more memorable.
Spending time with my family is something I always enjoy, but when we go out to do something rather than just spend time together at home – it’s always more fun.

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