AUGUST 2016 IELTS Speaking Test Part 1 Questions & Answers

Latest IELTS Speaking Test | Gifts

IELTS Speaking Test Part 1

What is your full name?

My name is …

Can I see your identification please?

Yes, here’s my ID card.

What do you do? Do you work or study?

I work, I’m a nurse at the hospital in the city where I come from.

What do you like most about your job?

The best thing is being able to help people who need it. Many people, especially the elderly, feel vulnerable and scared when they have to go to hospital for treatment or a surgical procedure, and I love helping them get better, feel good again, and making their time in the hospital as happy as possible.

Do you like singing?

Honestly, I can’t sing at all. I’m terrible – completely tone deaf! But I like other people singing, if they can sing well.

Did you learn to sing in school?

No, we didn’t have any special singing classes. We used to have a music class and we got to try different instruments, and we did sing some songs, but we didn’t ever have special singing lessons to learn how to sing.

When do you normally give gifts to other people?

I suppose on special occasion like most people. So on birthdays, anniversaries, and at special times of year like Christmas, oh and for special events like a graduation or birth of a child as well.

And then sometimes I buy small gifts for my friends just because I want to or because maybe one of them feels sad or has had a difficult time, or I just see something and think that a particular person would love that.

Do you think buying a gift for others is a hard task?

Sometimes, yes, it can be. Some gifts are easy to buy – you think of a person and you almost know immediately what you would like to buy for them. You just have to find it in the stores or online.

But there are times when it’s a special gift, like for my parents’ wedding anniversary last year, when my sister and I spent weeks discussing what we were going to buy for them. We had so many good ideas – but deciding on just one was really difficult.


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