Describe a day when you thought the weather was perfect | IELTS Speaking Cue Card Question & Answer

Describe a day when you thought the weather was perfect

IELTS Cue Card Answer | A day when you thought the weather was perfect

Well, I remember one day in particular, about a year ago, when I went to the beach with some friends. It was a special day because we had organized a full day out for everybody working in our department.

The destination was one of the best beaches in the country, and we set off quite early, around 8am. We had arranged to hire an executive air-conditioned coach to drive everyone there, and then back again the next day. Our group was about 40 people in total - so hiring a coach made sense rather than everyone trying to make their own way there.

The drive was about an hour and a half and during most of the journey we just chatted and listened to music. The weather was looking a bit threatening when we set off – we all thought that it might rain – but once we got out of the city and closer to the coast it improved dramatically and by the time we ended up at the beach the sun was out and the sky was a beautiful clear blue.

We all got off the bus and went to check into our rooms which we had rented for the day at the resort hotel. This was all part of the package we had organized. Instead of just going to the beach and having to stay there, we booked enough rooms for everyone to share so that if people wanted to have a siesta in the afternoon or just relax inside for a while, they could.

Another feature of the special package we had booked was the free food and drinks from the hotel all day for everybody so a lot of us headed straight to the restaurant to have some breakfast, because most people hadn’t eaten anything before we left.

Then we headed out to the beach. We must have spent about 3 or maybe 4 hours there. We went swimming, some people went paragliding, and others tried snorkeling. We all had a lot of fun and the weather was just perfect – it wasn’t too hot and there was nice refreshing breeze as well.

In the afternoon we did some activities together as a group, as it would be the last time that many of us would be together before the semester ended. It was a lot of fun and it was nice to spend some time with people I hadn’t really spoken to much before.

In the evening a lot of people drifted off to the swimming pool in the hotel which was massive and was actually three individual pools joined together, and each one had its own distinct shape and special features.

Obviously by now the sun had gone down, but the temperature was perfect for swimming and then lazing around poolside eating and drinking and talking. By the time we all went to sleep we were exhausted, as it had been quite an active day all round.

Early the next day, the coach arrived to take us back to the city. Strangely, the journey back seemed a lot longer than the same journey the previous day – but it was okay, we had all had a really perfect day, and the weather had been perfect too, we couldn’t have asked for better weather for the day we had planned.

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