July IELTS Speaking Test

IELTS Speaking Test JULY

Part 1 Questions
  • What is your full name?
  • Can I see your ID?
  • Where are you from?
  • Do you work or study?
  • Where are you living?
  • Which room do you like the most?
  • Would you like to modify anything in that room?
  • Did you make any items by hand when you were at school?
  • Do you have any plans to make handmade items in the future?
  • Is it necessary that children should learn how to make handmade things?

July IELTS Speaking Test

Part 2

IELTS Speaking Test Part 2 Cue Card Topic Questions

Talk about a difficult decision you took in your life.

You should say:
  • what the decision was
  • why it was a difficult decision
  • how you decided
and say whether you think the decision was correct or not now.

IELTS July Speaking Test

Part 3 Questions
  • What are some of the differences between decisions made by children and those made by adults?
  • Are some people naturally good at making decisions, or is decision making a skill that you can learn?

How would you answer these IELTS speaking test questions?

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