IELTS Speaking Test Questions | Work, Photos, Design of Houses, Building Houses in the Future

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IELTS Speaking Test | Part 1

What is your full name?

My name’s …

Can I see your ID?

Sure, here you are [give ID]

Where are you from?

I’m from…

Do you work or study?

I work.

What is your job?

I’m a manager in a logistics and supply chain company

Do you like it?

Yes, I love it – it’s a great job, it’s dynamic and challenging and I have a great team of people I work with.

Can you describe your day at work?

Okay, so for example, yesterday I had a meeting with my team in the morning to discuss a couple of projects we’re working in and also to plan how to solve an issue we’ve had recently with one of our suppliers – so I assigned some task to some of the team members. I had a business lunch with a potential new client, that doesn’t happen every day but it’s something I do probably a couple of times a month. And in the afternoon I spent most of the time studying some reports which we’re preparing for the end of the month.

Do you take photos?

Yes, sometimes, with my phone mainly, just pics of me and my friends when we’re out or doing something together.

Do you like taking photos?

Yes, it’s fun, depending on who you’re with and what you’re doing.

Would you like to learn how to take better photos?

Really, I’m not that bothered about it. I have a friend who works as a photographer and she’s really keen on it – obviously, because it’s her work, but it’s not something that’s important for me.

Why do you think people like better quality photos?

Well, there are certain times, for example, special occasion such as a wedding or things like that when you want something better than the pics you can take with your phone, you want some photos that are well composed and with better definition maybe, so there are times when better quality photos are more desirable. That’s why people hire professional photographers for important events.

IELTS Speaking Test | Part 2

IELTS Speaking Test Part 2 Cue Card Topic Questions

Describe a house or an apartment where you would like to live

You should say:
  • what it would look like
  • where it would be situated
  • what features it would have
and explain why you would like to live in it.

IELTS Speaking Answer | A house where you would like to live

Okay, so in an ideal world - I’d probably choose a house – because I think it has more options than an apartment – and it’d probably be located near water somewhere, at the beach for example.

It wouldn’t have to be massive – like a mansion – or anything like that - but it would be spacious all the same – with lots of room.

So, it’d be close to the beach overlooking the ocean – and with a deck out front so you could sit outside - relax - and hear the ocean. On the deck I’d probably have hammock so I could have a siesta in the afternoon or just chill out whenever I felt like it – maybe I’d string it up between two big palm trees - so there’d be some shade.

Then, from the deck going into the house there’d be big glass sliding doors - so you could enjoy the view from inside as well if you wanted.

The house would have a nice big kitchen for cooking and preparing meals and also for socializing – and also a nice space for relaxing with a big screen TV and a huge couch to lie on.

I guess it might be a two storey house because then there could be a balcony on the second floor as well which would give you the chance to sit outside with a different view – being higher up - and of course some bedrooms - and maybe a space I would use for an office or something like that.

It’d probably be built from wood so that it would have a nice natural feel to it - a kind of rustic environment - but with all modern appliances installed - I suppose it would be a bit of a mix between nature and technology – with plenty of big plants and good ventilation.

If I was going to build the house - then I guess it would be in a place where there weren’t any other houses – or not right next door - so it would be a little remote – but within easy travelling distance of a town or city – you know - so you could still get everything you need easily – but live someplace nice and quiet and tranquil.

IELTS Speaking Test | Part 3

Should houses be built differently for different climatic conditions? Why? Why not?

They are, generally, I mean houses in cold climates are totally different from those in tropical climates. In cold places there’s a need to consider insulation and weatherproofing to protect the structure and also to conserve energy or heat inside. For example, a house in Canada needs a roof that can withstand the weight of a lot of snow in the wintertime.

In tropical countries, houses need good ventilation and they don’t need insulation from cold weather, so they can be constructed more easily as the climate is not so harsh, but there are other considerations such as expansion of materials due to heat and things like that – so designing a house must take into consideration the location of the house because the specific requirements are very different.

Do you think houses will be built from different materials in the future?

For sure, we can already see some of the major developments in terms of green construction methods. There’s now a much greater emphasis on energy conservation and better use of natural resources in terms of architectural design and construction.

Lighting, heating and construction materials have are now being specifically developed to make all buildings greener and more energy efficient, so it’s guaranteed that this is a trend which will continue in the future.

It’s not only desirable – it’s essential for the future sustainability of housing and buildings in general. As science and technology evolves, so too will construction materials and methods in order to create ever more greener and environmentally friendly and sustainable housing.

Why do you think so?

Primarily, because we want to avoid the use of fossil fuels, or at least reduce our dependence on them. So, for example, solar energy is now being incorporated into many new buildings, where it’s feasible and practical, as well as recycling the heat generated, and using it to power other functions within a building. This results in a massive reduction in energy costs and provides a clean, sustainable and renewable energy source in buildings.

There is now a trend for zero carbon footprinting for many things like cars, factories and buildings, and this is something which will be even more of an issue in the future.

Technology has now made it possible – it is now up to governments, architects and constructors to make it practical to implement on a wide scale.

Sustainability and eco-friendly practices are quickly becoming the norm across all industries and in all aspects of life – so I believe that housing will be the same as well.

Should houses be different for young and old people? Why?

They don’t need to be – but they could be …

There are certainly some advantages in designing housing for specific types of people, just like any other product. Let’s say for example you have an apartment in the city, in a large building, and it’s on the top floor. And you have a bungalow in the suburbs, with its own garden. Which one do you think would be preferred by an older person or a family with young kids? Most likely the house because it’s safer, more practical and easier. The apartment might be okay for a young person or a young couple but it’s not ideal for everyone.

So in a way there is already some differences in terms of where people choose to live. It’s just that, generally speaking, houses or apartments aren’t marketed specifically for young people or old people – it’s the people themselves who decide what suits them best.

Of course, there are some specific housing models which do cater for just older people, and they typically don’t include stairs, are easy to move around in, and have onsite security and possibly nursing care as well, so the idea of different housing styles for different people is nothing new.

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