IELTS Speaking | Do you think handwriting will still be an important skill in the future | Part 3 Questions

IELTS Speaking Test Part 3 Questions

Do you think handwriting will still be an important skill in the future?

No, you can already see the route that technology is taking – we probably won’t need to write anything in the future – it’ll all be done by speech recognition, which already exists, it’s just not perfected sufficiently yet to be applied to all walks of life that it would need to be so as to completely replace writing.

I mean, I hardly write anything by hand anymore, most of it is on my phone or laptop, just the occasional note sometimes, that’s about it. So I can easily imagine that we’ll soon not be dependent on writing anything by hand.

Handwriting might not disappear altogether though, it will probably still be taught in schools, as a rudimentary skill just like math, but nobody does mental arithmetic nowadays, you just plug the numbers in your phone and it calculates it for you, but it’s still important to know how to. I think writing will become the same, you need to know how – but it won’t be a skill you use everyday.

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