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Describe something that you enjoyed doing at work recently | IELTS Speaking Topic & Answer

IELTS Speaking Test | Part 2 Topic Question

Describe something that you enjoyed doing at work recently.

You should say:
  • What it was
  • Why you did it
  • What kind of satisfaction you got from doing the work
and say if you would like to do this type of work again in the future or not.

IELTS Speaking Answer | Something You Did at Work

Well, last month I was part of a team which was delegated to improve our company’s performance in digital marketing. I’ve been with the company for a while now, but this was the first time I had been invited to join this team and work on this type of project.

We started by carrying out an analysis of the digital marketing channels used by the company over the last year and compiled a report showing all the data and statistics for each channel so that we could study the results and draw some conclusions about what had worked well and what had not worked so well for the company in the past.

Based on that we then divided into smaller groups to come up with some ideas for improving performance in the next six months. I was assigned to the social media team with three other marketing staff. We met and looked over the data related to social media activity for the company and some of the campaigns which had been used in the past. Then we formulated a six month plan and stipulated the objectives and goals which we wanted to achieve by the end of the six month period. After that we broke the plan down into workable segments so that we could concentrate on how it would be implemented.

I worked with another person to come up with a strategy for each of the social media platforms managed by the company and together we drew up a plan of action for content, activities and ideas for promotions which could be implemented through the various channels. We then decided on a schedule of frequency and the type of content that would be posted, where and when, and the results we expected to get from doing this.

Each week we monitor how things are progressing and so far in the first month it’s looking very encouraging. Hopefully we will achieve our goals by the end of the six months.

I have to admit that at first I wasn’t too sure about working on this project because I hadn’t really done anything like it before – but it has turned out to be very interesting and now that we’re seeing positive results I feel really good about it, so I'm looking forward to doing more work on this project in the future.

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