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IELTS Writing Task 2

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic:

Some experts believe that it is better for children to begin learning a foreign language at primary school rather than secondary school.

Do the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words


Unknown said...

Nowadays, some people obviously believe that primary schools are better than secondary school, and for that reason some of them think that it is better to learn foreign language in primary school rather than secondary school. This issue will be discussed in further essay.
On the one side of the coin is that, in the recent years the role of primary school is decreased much more than last decades, a lot of parents want their children to be taught in primary school, especially when it comes to language. For example, rich families are such a good paradigm for it. The rich families want their children to be taught by primary school because they think that there are lots of clever teachers and those teachers can give a good knowledge for their kids. However, it costs expensive to learn in primary schools, but rich families are satisfy with cost of education, of course they satisfy with education too. Furthermore, primary school can provide children with better knowledge and can help to improve their speaking ability in foreign language than secondary schools, and most primary schools guarantee the knowledge which is given by them.
On the other side of the coin is that, some other people think it is not important to learn in primary school because it demands more money than secondary education. Parents do not need the price they need the better results, they are not interested in expensive schools. Furthermore, some parents cannot pay for their kids if their kids study at primary school. The most of parents are not satisfied with the price of primary schools.
In conclusion, I think primary schools can teach foreign language much better for children rather than secondary schools. Because in primary schools teachers and teaching resources are better than secondary schools.

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musha said...

Some specialists reckon that being instructed at primary schools for second or third languages is much more beneficial and better assimilated than at secondary schools. However, for others learning new language is more preferable in mature years. In my opinion taking up learning unfamiliar language in early ages has more advantages than disadvantages and in the following paragraphs I will show some exomples to support my opinion.
As far as I am concerned acquring the ability to speak other languages regardless of native one under twelve has sufficient quantity of profits. A good example of this is that brain of schoolchildren is pliable and receptive that it yake insignificant period of time to be an excellent speaker of this or that language. Thus, it develops brain capacity of youthful representatives that gives opportunity to be more successful than their peers who are unilinguals, being able to speak more than one language and percieve more than one culture.
On the other hand, young people at primary schools are mostly compelled to learn language, that is undoubtedly a huge pressure on them, that's why it is better to start learning language at secondary school when they realise that they long for knowing a second language and they will engage in this with enthusiasm, although it takes much time.
My take on the situation is that attaining knowledge in terms of foriegn language in early ages is more effective and fruitful than when they grow up because it is the quickest way of being able to speak language efficiently due to the flexibility of the mind.
Overall, inspite of the fact that there are some drawbacks of learning language at primary school, I still strongly believe that advantages of early knowledge of foriegn language exceed the disadvantages.

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Elia Yssatu said...

When talking about studying a language people think that it is the same method with every subject. However, it is considered the most complex procedure which requires many skills.

Experts stated, that it would be more efficient to learn a foreign language at a younger age, since children have a few strong abilities from older people. For instance, memory, creativity and the skill to adopt are crucial keys to acquire speaking, reading, and listening knowledge. Furthermore, their curiosity and motivation makes it far more easier to later interpret information. Understanding the reasons, many school decided to change their programme to dual language syllabus.

However, many parents have concerns about the schools’ charge in light of the experts research. As classes’ schedule is reorganised, the focus on important fields will decrease. Thus, subjects like Maths, Biology and Literature, which are believed to be the basis of academic (and general thinking) will not affect them, or improve them.

Considering these negative factors, I personally recommend headteachers to combine foreign speaking with other lessons, to both increase the students learning.

On the whole, I do agree with the researchers statement, and that elementary schools should be aware of this.

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Anonymous said...

It is believed that children should start to learn a second language earlier at primary school instead of in the college. It is true that there are pros and cons on this issue. And I believe there are more benefits than the drawbacks.

There are various advantages of learning a new language in early age. First, the children will have more time to practice on it. They can practice with their classmates. As an old saying "practice makes perfect", the competency of speaking that language will be enriched. In addition, they will have chance to learn more about the culture and history of other countries. By learning a new language, they are able to read the custom and culture of the other countries. It might explore their interests or talents on that language or even other subjects such as history. 

Nevertheless, everything has two sides. There are some disadvantages of learning second language in primary school. At first, it might add additional pressure on the children. When they are still learning the mother language, they have to learn another new language. They might get confusion because the grammar or rule to develop language is different. Also, they might loss of interests to study as they are forced to learn. They cannot choose the subject they fond of. They might feel frustration too. However, I still think children should learn a foreign language in elementary school. One of the major roles of teacher is to encourage students to learn and help to make the study fun. If the teacher can give proper guidance to the students, they probably will enjoy and find the interests on learning a new language. And even, they will explore more like the history of that language.

In conclusion, to learn a foreign language, there is both benefits and drawbacks. But, it is advised to start as early as possible so as to gain the benefits that associate with learning. Eventually, it will be beneficial to the children.

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Barkha said...


The internet is viewed as an excellent means of communication by many. However, there are some who would argue that it is actually destroying our communication skills.

Discuss both views and give your opinion.


A lot of people consider the internet to be one of the most effective ways of communicating with others. In contrast, few people think that its affecting our communication skills. In my opinion, Internet is one of the fastest and cheapest mode of connecting yourself with others. On the other hand, I would agree to the fact that it has various effects on the language people use to some extent.

Idealizing a world where people are living without the web is quite difficult. Although, conversations now a days are becoming shorter as a result of increasing use of acronyms such as LOL and TTYL (meaning Laugh out loud and Talk to you later) while chatting, the accessibility to the most required things have increased significantly. For instance, One can effortlessly talk to a friend who is miles away with SKYPE (a web application), which is a huge web development as people are able to save money and other resources, which would not have been possible otherwise.

One problem in using the web as the only mode of communication in one's life is that it has several repercussions for the body as a whole. For example, Eyes can get severely affected in the long run and the brain will get contained in a shell of the virtual world, which is a serious issue because health will deteriorate overtime. To solve this problem, one must maintain a balance between the usage of internet for conversing and actually talking in person. As a result, One will not lose the essence of their communication skills.

In conclusion, the internet is the best possible source for fast and cheap communication. In my opinion, striking a balance between the real and virtual world is the key to one's betterment.


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Dawood Sulaiman said...

Some people work for the same organization all their working life. Others think is better to work for different organization.
Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

No one can deny the importance of having a job in the life. Many people hold the opinion of working in the same job all their life. Others, however, disagree and prefer to change their job.
We must acknowledge that people who work many years know their job best. That gives them a perfect experience of knowing how to make their work achieve satisfying outcomes. In addition, there are many personal reasons which influence for having a same job. For instance, having an enough salary and feeling comfortable at working place with faithful employees and excellent administration make people do not think about changing at all. Moreover, working near home and staying with family and friends, this is a great thing. So, there is no strangeness if the people who get it think to a different job again.
Nevertheless, some people believe that renewing the expertise is one from living requirements. Those who think like that get it by altering their old job. They always seek to improve their skills and achieve great aims. Furthermore, they point out that they should increase their salary and have better relationship with employees and administration.
In conclusion, I believe that staying at the same work or changing it, it depends on the thinking of people, their ability to do the best and their condition.

thủy tiên hồ said...

There is popular idea that when children study at primary school, they should be taught a language that is different from their mother tongue. Although this idea has several disadvantages to some extent, I believe that there are more advantages than its drawbacks.
The foremost demerit of learning a foreign language when children are at a young age is that it may give them an intensive pressure. It is simply because in their parents’ point of views, children should spend their time entertaining and studying some simple subjects. However, if teachers understand how to teach them well and make them feel interested in their lessons, children will find it easier to study a foreign language. For example, in AMA English centre, they use the real objects to describe the words that they teach their students, which helps them remember these words longer.
By contrast, there are more benefits of that statement. Firstly, children have a good ability to study a second language since they are young. A variety of researches show that capacity for learning is extremely high at primary education level. For instance, a study of Hue College of Education in 2014 revealed that more than 60% of the total 100 primary school students in their survey could learn 100 English words by heart in one month while only 30% of the same number of secondary school students could do the same thing. Secondly, studying a foreign language also gives children a chance to adapt to foreign countries’ life when they travel abroad. These days, with the enhancement of the living standard, children usually visit plenty of destinations with their parents. Therefore, understanding what foreigners say helps them overcome several difficulties in the unexpected circumstances.
In conclusion, despite some drawbacks of beginning studying a language different from their native one when children are at an early age, I tend to believe that its benefits can outweigh all the short-coming.
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Anonymous said...

Question: Some people say that the best way to improve public health is by increasing the number of sports facilities. Others, however, say that this would have little effect on public health and that other measures are required.
Discuss both these views ans give your own opinion.

Enhancing the health of citizens is the important issue over the world these days. While some people argue that increasing the quantity of sports facilities is the best method for that issue, others think that it is not much effective and there are other ways to tackle it.
On the one hand, government should build more sport buildings with modern equipment in order that people can do exercises with better and more accurate techniques. Therefore, their health will change positively and they also increase the resistance with some diseases such as obesity or muscle strain. For examble, people can come to an aerobic class to study dancing with their friends in order to keep their body into shape and help them release stress after a busy day.
On the other hand, it is considered that sport centers may only help people avoid several deseases but not all, therefore there should be more methods to keep people healthy. Firstly, the authorities can open more hospitals in order that citizens can rigister to check the health frequently as well as treat their deseases, simply because time by time, the hospital facilities built before and at the moment can accommodate all patiens whose number is increaseing day by day. Secondly, the government should also spend their fund saving the environment surrounding people. It is the fact that if people can have a chance to live in good condition without pollution, their health can improve rather than before.
In conclusion, although rising some sport facilities is an excellent way to keep public health, there are also a variety of methods requiring for protecting their health.

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Anonymous said...

Question: Car ownership has increased so rapidly over the past thirty years that many cities in the world are now " one big traffic jam."
How true do you think this statement is?
What measures can governments take to discourage people from using their cars?


There is a popular trend that car-owning has rapidly increased over the period of thirty years which is the main reason for the traffic congestion of many cities worldwide. I tend to believe that it is the big issue at the moment; however, governments can step to let citizens reduce the use of their cars.
There is no doubt that the increase in a vast number of cars on the road reduces the space that other means of transport circulate in and leads to traffic congestion. It is simply because, with the fixed size of the roads, it is tough to find out where other types of transportation such as bikes and motorbikes go on when the large cars appear more and more on the road and occupy most space. Therefore, being stuck in the traffic jam is the consequence that people have to face every day, especially in rush hour.
However, that issue can be solved by a variety of methods from governments. Firstly, they can increase the taxes on imported cars to boost the vehicle price. As a result, the car consumption will significantly decrease, which helps people move quickly, and there will be more space to use the other transports. Secondly, boosting the fuel price is also an excellent way to discourage people from using their cars. As a consequence, people tend to use the public transportation or other kinds of transport that save their energy and contribute to the reduction of cars using in the city.
In conclusion, although the large car quantity used on the road result in significant traffic jam problems, the authorities in some cities affected can increase taxes and fossil fuel price so that the number of cars will reduce steadily.

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Anonymous said...

In our days, studying in another country, taking a good education, working in a well- paid job are a perspectives of new generation. However, to achieve all the dreams student have to know more than one language, especially if person will prefer studying in another country. For this reason, the most important work of governments and other experts is studying a second language.
People know, that knowledges that have been taken in a childhood period are till useful and person remember all the informations in a good condition. This information can include: lesson from math subject, life experiences of parents, and of course reading and writing. People’s basic knowledges from grammar are taken in a primary school. However, if children will study foreign language in childhood period, knowledges from second language will be the same as own language. Therefore , most of the experts prefer to educate students to second language in primary school, because it is a good time to remember all the things, especially languages.
On the other hand, not all the students are good at languages. Some students can be more interested in the calculating, searching something new, maybe even in constructing. In that case, knowledges other language, not own, will not be remembered for a long time. Because, students all attention will be in the another sphere of an education. For this kind of students, studying second languages in the secondary school will be the best solution. Therefore , disadvantages will not overweight advantages.
To sum up, people must understood, that not all children are the same. Advantages will not be overweighted by disadvantages, if government of education will divide students in two different spheres, such as humanitarian and technologies from primary school. In this situation, all the students will be well educated and achieve all the aims.

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nguyen manh Huan said...


Firstly, I'd like to thank you for offering a writing assessment which is really useful for a writing progress. Here is my essay, and hope to receive your feedback soon.

It is believed that children should be taught a second language at primary school instead of at high school. I completely agree with this opinion, because the benefits that it brings to children. Although there may be some drawbacks of this, but I believe they are insignificant.
Scientists showed that children have special advantages at their early age when studying a new language. Namely, young children who are between 6 and 11 years old are able to pronounce exactly words what they listened. For example, English is their second language, and if a native speaker teaches them new words by pronouncing first and ask them to repeat, they will tend to repeat with a same accent of the speaker. In addition, at these ages, children can remember very well new vocabulary through images; therefore, many teachers use pictures or videos to teach them new words. For instance, they may use flashcards which have a picture on one side and the word to describe it on the other side, and by learning this way; children remember the words that they learn very long.
However, some people believe that there are disadvantages of teaching children new language at primary school, because children at this stage don’t have the ability of critical thinking. At this stage of age, children may have a difficulty in reading and writing skills, because these skills require them to have logic thinking, and to understand grammar structures. Unfortunately, it really takes much time for children to master these abilities, while they are encouraged to spend more time on entertainment at this age.

In conclusion, although there are some negative aspects of teaching children a new language at primary school, the special abilities of children at this age give them an opportunity to approach a second language easily.

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