IELTS USA Speaking Test 2015

IELTS USA Speaking Test Part 3 Questions & Sample Answers

Here are some of the Part 3 questions asked in a recent IELTS speaking test in the USA.

Do you think there will be an opportunity for you to work together in the future?
It’s possible I suppose, but not very likely. Although we like a lot of the same things and share common interests, I don’t believe that my brother would like to work with me on a full-time basis. Unless we both agreed to start a business together I’m sure he would prefer to work for a large multinational company because of all the benefits it offers in terms of long term career prospects.

Personally, I prefer to do my own thing, and I’m not so enthusiastic about a long term career with a large organization – one day I would like to have my own business, although I’m not sure about exactly the type of business it would be. I might work for a large corporation to get some experience but eventually I would like to be my own boss and have more control over my life than being simply an employee in a company. In that way my brother and I are very different – so I don’t believe that we’ll be working together in the future – unless circumstances really change at some point.

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