IELTS making friends on Facebook

IELTS Speaking Test USA Part 3 Questions

What do you think about making friends on Facebook?
It’s fun! It’s normal nowadays to have a lot of friends on Facebook and other social media. It’s more interesting than just having friends where you live. But it’s different, obviously, because you don’t see them or go places with them, but it’s still fun.

Does a list of 500 friends make sense to you?
Well, the term ‘friend’ is just a name given by Facebook, obviously not everybody who likes your page or comments on something you said is a friend in the traditional sense of the word. I suppose if you thought about all the people you ever had contat with in your life, from school, college, work and other social activities, if you kept a note of their name then you would have more than 500 by now … so I don’t think it’s that strange that people have thousands of ‘friends’ on Facebook or Twitter. Maybe it would be more accurate to call them contacts, but it doesn’t really matter.

Does Facebook change the meaning of friendship?
No, not really. I still hang out with my friends and we go out at the weekends and do stuff together. Friends on Facebook are different … in the past some people used to write letters to people in other countries … like penpals … I guess you could think of facebook as smething similar but it’s obviously much more advanced and you can do much more than just write to people.

What is a true friendship in your opinion?
It’s having a relationship with another person and you have something in common. Maybe you went to the same school or you’re interested in the same things. You share time and experiences together and that makes for a bond. Long term friendship usually means there is also trust and confidence between the two people and they are willing to help each other if necessary. But I suppose that everyone has their own definition of friendship and what it means to them.

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