IELTS Speaking Test Brazil

IELTS Speaking Test in Brazil, October 2013

Part 1 IELTS speaking test Brazil

What is your full name?

My name is Amanda Barbosa

Can I see your ID, please?

Of course, here's my ID card

Where do you live?

I live here in Sao Paolo

Is it an apartment or a house?

I live in a house, with my parents. It's in a residential area of the city.

What is your favorite room in the house? [Why?]

My favorite room is the kitchen, it's where we all meet and talk about things. It's also where my mother spends a lot of her time and I still have happy memories of spending days with her in the kitchen when I was a child.

What is your favorite color? [Why?]

Black, that's a color, isn't it? I know it's a bit strange ... but I love black. Not everything in black, but I think it's such a strong color.

Do your friends like the same color?

No, most of them don't ... they used to laugh whenever we saw anything black and they would joke about it. Now, not so much ... they just accept it. Anyway, I like other colors too, it's just that black is my favorite color.

Part 2 IELTS speaking test Brazil
Talk about a funny show you saw or a funny incident that happened to you. Please say:
  • - What was it?
    - Why was it funny?
    - Who was there with you?
and what you remember most about it.

Okay, so a couple of months ago I was attending a job interview in a building downtown. The office was on the sixth floor so I took the elevator up there, I had never been there before so it was all strange to me. I was looking around for the name of the company where I had to go but couldn't see where I should go. I was still standing near the elevators when suddenly the doors of one of them opened ... and then that's when suddently something very funny happened, a woman was coming out of the elevator and caught the heel of her shoe in one of the spaces between the elevator and the floor, I think her heel broke and she awkwardly fell forward towards me ... it was like it was happening in slow motion ... and without thinking I put out my arms to catch her so she wouldn't fall on the floor. But when I caught her, I lost my balance too and we both fell onto the floor.

We weren't hurt and after a few moments we looked at each other and started laughing about it. Some other people helped us up onto our feet again, and the woman thanked me and shook my hand and asked me if I was sure I was alright and not hurt, and then she turned around and walked away.

Anyway, I finally arrived at the office, went to the reception desk and told the receptionist that I had arrived. She asked me to sit and wait for the person who would be doing the interview.

I sat in reception for about ten minutes and read a magazine. I was very nervous because it was my first real interview for a job in my career after university, so I wanted to make a good impression
on everyone. I had spent a lot of time choosing what I thought were the perfect clothes for the interview and I thought I was very well prepared, but I was still very nervous and I felt a little messy after the incident with the woman.

Then a door opened, and a woman came out of the room and came towards me, she looked very elegant and important. She looked at the receptionist, who nodded, and then came towards me. She was smiling but I was still feeling nervous ... it was the same woman who I had caught as she fell out of the elevator just 20 minutes ago. She smiled at me and thanked me again for catching her and we began chatting. Then, I didn't feel so nervous because at least she understood why I looked a little messy.

The best thing about the whole incident was ... I got the job. I think I must have made a good impression on her!

Part 3 IELTS speaking test Brazil

Is laughter important in our life?

Yes, I think it is. Life can be very serious sometimes and having a good laugh makes you feel better about everything, for a while anyway. Even experts and doctors say that laughing is good for you because it can reduce stress levels. I think life would be very boring if we didn't laugh at anything.

What difference is there between men’s and women’s humor?

The difference? Well, I think that women laugh at things which are funny for them and men do the same ... I mean laugh at things which are funny for men. The problem is that many women don't understand why men find something funny and likewise men don't understand why something is funny for women, but that's ok, we're completely different after all. We're not meant to be the same. I think humor for men is more childish than women's humor, but that's just my impression, I could be wrong.

Does laughter help one to learn a language?

I'm not sure, I've never thought about it. Maybe, I know I used to watch some American TV comedy shows when I was learning English, but there was a lot of things they said that were supposed to be funny that I didn't understand at first. There's a lot of cultural references and things like that involved in humor, so unless you understand how the people think, their history and normal behaviors and everything, it can be hard to decide what is really funny. Now, I understand more, because I have more experience, so yes, I suppose laughter could help you learn a language, if it doesn't confuse you.

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