IELTS Speaking Test Canada

Part 1 IELTS Canada speaking test

What is your full name?
My name is ...

Can I see your ID?
Sure, here's my passport.

Where are you from?
I'm from Colombia, but I've been here in Canada for a couple of months now.

Do you work or study?
I'm studying at the moment. I'm doing an English course related to Business.

Do you live in an apartment or a house?
For the time being I'm staying with some friends here in their apartment.

Do you like living in a big house? [Why?/Why not?]
Well, my family house in Medellin, in Colombia is a lot bigger than the aprtment here, and I miss the space sometimes and the garden, but I think living in an apartment is good for lots of reasons, especially if you're busy working and don't have time to look after the house.

Do you prefer to use public transport or a car?
I prefer to have a car, I used to have one back home, but here I'm learning to use the public transport - it's different from back home and it's also more expensive too.

In your country, do people use public transport a lot?
Yes, they do, most people use it, either the buses or taxis which are quite cheap. Cars are quite expensive and many people can't afford them so public transport is the most common method people use.

How can people be encouraged to use public transport?
I think that's easy - for example back home most people use it because it's cheap, the buses go everywhere and you don't have to wait long to get one. Here it's different, it's more expensive, they are less frequent and buses don't go past many places. If it's convenient then people will use public transport, so it has to be cheap, frequent and cover the entire city or area.

Part 2 IELTS Canada speaking test

Describe a room where you stayed for a long period of time. Please say

- What was the room?
- What did you do there?
- Why did you spend so much time in there?

OK, so I'll tell you about my study at home in my parent's house. I spent a lot of time there last year when I was studying for my Masters Degree. It was originally a bedroom but we converted it some years ago to be a study and installed a desk and chair, a computer and some other things so that my sister and I could either study or work there, my father too sometimes.

It was a nice room - vith a view out over the garden at the rear of the house and there was a lot of natural light which came in through a a pair of glass doors. It used to be really nice to spend time in there becasue it was almost like sitting outside but much more comfortable.

As I said, I used to spend a lot of time there reading and preparing assignments for my course. It was away from the main area of the house so it was always nice and quiet and easy to concentrate when I was in there. We used to have a sofa in there too so when I felt a little tired I used to have a little siesta on the sofa for maybe an hour and then continue studying.

It really was a very comfortable room to be in and I miss it sometimes.

Part 3 IELTS Canada speaking test

Do buildings differ from place to place?
Clearly, yes, the styles and the way they are constructed also. There's a big difference between the architecture here in Ontario and back home.

What are the differences between old and modern buildings?
I think maybe older building have what most people refer to as 'character' but newer buildings are maybe better designed in terms of cost, efficiency and nowadays in terms of energy and the environment.

Do modern buildings offer any advantages? What are they?
Yes, many of them are built using better materials and better constrution methods. Also, now there are more and more buildings, residentialand commercial which are designed taking into account their long term environmental impact which is important for the future. One of the biggest advantages is that more people can now live in the same space as before which is much more efficient use of space and resources.

What do you think buildings will look like in the future?
They will probably look very different from what they look like now. One of the problems sometimes is that people don't like the new buildings that architects design becasue they don't look like traditional buidings - but the important thing is that these are buildings of the future not of the past and personally I think that buildings will look even 'stranger' in the future as we adapt to new ideas and different concepts of how we live and occupy space.

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