IELTS Speaking Test Kazakhstan

Sample IELTS speaking test questions from an IELTS interview in Kazakhstan

IELTS Speaking Test Kazakhstan | Part 1
What is your full name?
Can I see your ID?
Do you work or study?
Where are you from?
Can you describe the seasons in your country?
Do you like it when it’s raining?
Do you like cold or hot weather?
Do you think there has been a major change in climatic conditions recently?

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IELTS Speaking Test Kazakhstan | Part 2

Talk about traditional events in your hometown. Please say:
  • – Why do you celebrate them?
  • – When do they take place?
  • – What is the importance of these events?

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IELTS Speaking Test Kazakhstan | Part 3

What traditional clothing do people wear during these celebrations?
Why don’t young people wear traditional clothing most of the time?
Do you think people will continue to wear traditional clothing?
What do you think about modern clothing?
Do you like it or not?
Why are traditions important to society?
Do you think traditions are transferable?
Are there any changes in the event duration compared with the old days?

[sample answer coming soon!]

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