IELTS Ireland

IELTS Speaking test Ireland | Part 1

What do you enjoy the most about your studies?
Do people take more photographs these days?
How often do you take pictures?
When did you last take a picture?
Do you like a cold climate or hot climate?
What are the seasons in your country?
Has the weather change in the recent years?

IELTS Speaking test Ireland | Part 2

Describe a product that you bought and were disappointed with. Please say:

What was the product?
Where did you buy it?
Why was it unsatisfactory?

IELTS Speaking test Ireland | Part 3

What do you think about people’s materialistic attitude?
What do people look for when they buy a product?
Is the environment being affected by people’s activities?
What measures should to be taken by manufacturers in order to protect the environment?
What is more important, to keep the environment intact or to satisfy our consumerist needs?

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