IELTS Saudia Arabia January

IELTS Speaking Test in Saudi Arabia

Part 1
What is your full name?
Are people in your country using mobile phones often?
When did you get your first mobile phone?
Do you prefer to call or to message your friends? Why?
Do you think people should switch their cell phones to silent mode in public places? Why?
Please describe your hometown.
What is interesting in your hometown?
Are you planning to stay or go back to your hometown in the future?

Part 2
If you were given a chance to do an unusual job, what job would it be? Please say:
Why do you think it is an unusual job?
Where did you find out about it?
What is so interesting about this job?

Part 3
Is it important to have a retirement age?
Is a part time job in your country supported by schools?
Does government have the right to impose a particular number of workers on a company?
In what ways are students guided when choosing their career?
How do you decide what course or degree will suit you?

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