Personality Traits | IELTS Speaking Questions Part 3

IELTS speaking questions | Personal Traits / Personality Traits

Different Traits
What traits do you think are most important for a person, as a member of society, to have?
How are these traits important in interpersonal relations?
Which character traits do your parents think are the most important?
What effects do you think someone's personality (or character) will have on that person's life?
Do you think it's easy for a person to change their personality?
In general, do you think men and women have (innately) different personality traits?
In the future, do you think the differences between men's and women's personality traits will continue to be the same as today?

National Traits
What personality (or character) traits are most important (or, most valued) in your country?
What would you say are the most distinct personality/character traits of the people in your country?
What would you say are the most interesting personality/character traits of the people in your country? (Why are they interesting?)
Do you think that people from different countries have "national" personality traits?
Do you think the culture of a country affects the personality of the people in that country (or is it vice-versa)?
How do these two (culture and 'national personality traits') affect each other?

Do you think people generally choose to make friends with others with similar personality traits, or with people who are different?
Do you think people with same personalities easily get along together?
Do you think it's important for friends to share the same, or similar, personality traits?
If you were considering whether to be friends with someone, (including girlfriend/boyfriend), what personal traits would be important for you?
Do you think that members of a team should all have the same (or similar) personalities?

Character Traits / Personality Traits) of Successful People
What personal characteristics do you think most successful people (need to) have?
Do you think that all successful people have good character traits?
Do you think that honesty is an important trait to have in order to be successful?
Do you think that all successful people are honest?
Some people say that "success" is simply what others believe to be success. Do you agree?
Do you think success equals happiness?
Do you think success and happiness are related?
Do you think all successful people are happy?

Do you think happiness is important?
Would you say that, in general, people in your country are happy?
Compared to other countries, do you think people in your country are happier or less happy?
What do you think is the secret of happiness?
Do you think money is important for happiness?
In your opinion, can money ever take the place of happiness?

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