IELTS speaking questions | crowded cities / building design

IELTS speaking questions | cities & building design

IELTS speaking test | part 3 questions

Crowded Cities

Would you say that the majority of cities in your country are overcrowded?
What are some problems that (can) result from crowded (or, overcrowded) living conditions in cities? How can these problems be addressed?
Some people say that cities are too crowded. What are some solutions to this problem?
Compare the advantages and disadvantages of living in a high-rise apartment. How does living in high-rise apartments affect the people who live there?

The Relationship between the Environment and Building Design

How do buildings in different parts of your country differ from each other? For example, how are buildings in the south different to those in the north?
How does the environment of a place affect the design of the buildings in that place?
What factors are important when designing a building?
In what ways can buildings be more 'environmentally friendly'?

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