IELTS speaking questions | crowded cities / building design

IELTS Speaking Questions | Cities & Building Design

IELTS Speaking Test | Part 3 Questions

Crowded Cities

  • Would you say that the majority of cities in your country are overcrowded?
  • What are some problems that (can) result from crowded (or, overcrowded) living conditions in cities? How can these problems be addressed?
  • Some people say that cities are too crowded. What are some solutions to this problem?
  • Compare the advantages and disadvantages of living in a high-rise apartment.
  • How does living in high-rise apartments affect the people who live there?

The Relationship between the Environment and Building Design

  • How do buildings in different parts of your country differ from each other? For example, how are buildings in the south different to those in the north?
  • How does the environment of a place affect the design of the buildings in that place?
  • What factors are important when designing a building?
  • In what ways can buildings be more 'environmentally friendly'?

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